Sustainability at Aramex

Sustainability is an integral part of our business model, operations and corporate culture.

Our Approach to Sustainability

We aim to leverage our experience in sustainability to support corporates and organizations in integrating sustainability in their operations, and to advocate for it. Moreover, through our Active Citizens Program, we aim to engage our employees in our sustainability activities, encouraging community service and volunteering.

Our corporate activism strategy platform is called “Delivering Good”strategy is crucial to our commitment to helping communities grow sustainably and adding value to the markets we work in.

There are three key areas of focus that support and drive the wider Delivering Good strategy:

Education and Youth Empowerment

We are involved in over 180 projects across our network through partnerships with communities, social entrepreneurs, governments, NGOs and corporations.

Our commitment

We are committed to spending a minimum of 1% of our pre-tax profit on social projects, excluding environmental investment and expenditure.

In 2015, we once again exceeded this goal and spent 1.35% of pre-tax profit on our sustainability programs.

15% reduction of

GHG emissions

per shipment*

We are committed to reducing our GHG emissons and investing in environmentally friendly alternatives in our buildings and fleet




Community Beneficiaries

We work closely with our communities to empower them and provide educational and economic opportunities to combat poverty.



and SMEs

Entrepreneurship is one of our key focus areas, ensuring that entrepreneurs have the support they need for their businesses to thrive and positively impact their communities and economy.



We reduced our

fuel consumption

a reduction of

11% per shipment

*compared to 2012 baseline

How we achieved this

Our fleet is an essential part of our operations, which is why we
continue to invest in updating and converting it to include more environmentally friendly vehicles. We are also utilizing new technologies, from low emission vehicles and electric vans and bikes to converting to compressed natural gas vehicles. We are always ready to pilot and invest in alternative fuels, where available, that would help reduce our footprint. For example, in Sri Lanka, we are piloting an electric vehicle for deliveries. In India we have begun the process of converting our fleet to include a larger number of compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG).


Relief Aid


We reduced our

electricity consumption

a reduction of

25% per shipment

*compared to 2012 baseline

How we achieved this

We continue to work on greening our facilities. We continue to invest in green building of our owned warehouses and facilities, with particular focusing on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Community empowerment

Community engagement is part of each our sustainability projects, whether through direct engagement - for example, working with communities on youth education and empowerment and entrepreneurial projects, and providing access to training and capacity building - or through our employees' community service efforts.

We make sure members of the community and civic society are included in planning and executing all our projects and programs, in order to ensure that they reach the largest number of beneficiaries.

Entrepreneurship 2015

Entrepreneurship remains a prime focus of Aramex. Stemming from our entrepreneurial roots, we aim to leverage our operations, network and expertise to support startups across our network.

In 2015, we supported 2132 startups and entrepreneurs.

95% of our

locations have a

sustainability project






3% increase

in recycling

1,000+ external

trainees on CSR, Sustainability

Human Rights and Governance


As a global employer, we make sure that we invest in our people, providing them with competitive salaries, benefits and on the job learning and development.

Youth Education and Empowerment

We recognize the latent potential that our youth hold to influence and shape their realities. We see immense value in investing in our youth, to help them access the tools, skills and guidance to carve out their own paths and play a vital role in their communities, surroundings and economy. Our work with Youth Education and Empowerment is a pillar of our sustainability.

1897 students benefitted from our Youth Education and Empowerment Programs.


Employee Volenteering





500+ Stakeholders

attended engagement






We partner with communities and international organizations to work on our sustainability programs, we are part of UNGC and founding members of multiple local networks, Sustainability advocacy is part our programs ensuring we raise awareness and collaboration across our network.

Women Empowerment

Investment in women has a transformative impact on society. Women, when given the opportunity, excel - whether as entrepreneurs, educators, community leaders or employees.
Our programs have a strong focus on women empowerment - from engaging mothers in our youth programs and training female entrepreneurs - to supporting women students.

In 2015 we worked with 484 women, on education, empowerment and entrepreneurship programs.