Governance and Compliance


Aramex’s Compliance Program strives to ensure that Aramex maintains a culture of respect, honesty and integrity. By providing a framework for the management of compliance issues, the program helps ensure that each employee is able to recognize and avoid situations that might compromise Aramex’s integrity. The program has the support of leadership, demonstrated by a reporting structure that gives Aramex’s Compliance Function direct access to senior leadership and the Board. The program has been created to provide the support and tools necessary to fulfill expectations that every staff member acts with honesty and integrity while performing their work.


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Code of Conduct

Aramex's code of conduct sets out our endeavor to build an organizational culture that guides our actions and decision-making in a way that is rooted in what is fair and ethical, and which promotes a dignified life for all people. Aramex's code of conduct is the platform that paves the way for operating globally and interacts with our employees, agents, suppliers, customers and all of our stakeholders.

2015 Risk and Compliance training summary

In 2015, our compliance program continued to refine its infrastructure, address active compliance issues, create new policies to minimize risk and enhance formal and informal lines of communications in order to foster a culture of compliance at Aramex.

Human Rights

We are committed to upholding human rights in all of our locations. As part of this commitment, we assessed all Aramex locations and operations across the globe for risks related to human and labor rights violations, as well as risks related to corruption.

Whistle-blowing Policy

Aramex's whistle-blowing policy provides guidelines to Board Members, employees, customers and stakeholders to report any cases of possible fraud, irregularities and grievances related to our code of conduct or social and environmental performance at Aramex. We encourage our employees and stakeholders to use the whistle-blowing system and provide sufficient training for them to report on any incidents that they encounter.