Our People

Our most important asset

At Aramex, our most valuable asset is our people. As an asset-light company, we know that our growth and success is constantly driven by the knowledge, expertise and contributions of our people. Therefore, we believe that we must continually invest in our people to ensure a safe, productive and empowered atmosphere.


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Our employees

Aramex is continually growing to include new talent. Our global workforce increased by 7% in 2015 to reach 13,860 employees representing 84 nationalities.


of Senior Management are women


In 2015, Aramex spent 1,105,050,743 AED on employee remuneration, including salaries and benefits.

Our human resource governance structure is founded on the principles set out by the United Nation's International Labor Organization, the United Nations human rights principles and other international organizations.

Our strict adherence to these principles ensured that we had no labor related grievances in 2015.

Our employees

of workforce

55% locals

45% expats

Training our people

Aramex's Corporate University is driven by our commitment to continuous learning and development.

As mandated by our HR policy, each employee receives a comprehensive annual performance evaluation, during which their performance is evaluated, key strengths and challenges are identified and, according to the evaluation, an inclusive training plan is set for the coming year.

In 2015, we had training coverage of 79% of all our employees.

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