Aramex Overview


Aramex has rapidly grown into a global brand, recognized for its customized services and innovative products. Listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and based in the UAE, Aramex is centrally located at the crossroads between East and West, allowing us to provide effective customized logistics solutions anywhere in the world and reach more businesses and consumers – both regionally and globally.

We are committed to continually enhancing our operations across the region while pursuing opportunities for business growth in emerging markets abroad. This approach is core to the sustainable development of our business and commitment to facilitating wider, global trade in an ever-changing world.

We have successfully introduced market leading express delivery and logistics services to the Middle East and other emerging economies. As a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, our breadth of services includes express courier; freight; logistics; supply chain management; e-Commerce and record management services.

Our unique, asset-light business model underpins all of the strategic decisions we make. It has proved highly successful, allowing Aramex to swiftly adapt to challenging market conditions, execute last-mile delivery solutions and respond quickly to changing customer preferences.

Innovation in technology is critical to maintaining our asset-light business model and leveraging the Aramex global network. Instead of investing heavily in infrastructure, we acquire or partner with domestic-focused logistics companies that have strong local networks, knowledge and transportation solutions already in place for efficient and effective last-mile delivery. This approach has proven to have significant benefits for both our business and customers and it is why we consider ourselves a technology enterprise – selling transportation and logistics solutions without being encumbered by heavy investments in assets. We also believe that investing in and sourcing new technologies in the field of e-Commerce, in particular, is key to a swifter, more efficient movement of goods and services globally and maintaining our market leading position.

We also recognize that to continue to grow a truly sustainable business we must serve and develop the markets and communities in which we operate. Our�”Delivering Good”�sustainability platform is active in over 180 educational, social and environmental projects worldwide and we have partnered with a number of international and local organizations devoted to similar causes. We are proud of the close ties we have with the communities where we operate and the contributions we have made to their sustainable economic development.

Our business initiatives are always informed by our larger vision of supporting greater trade in and between emerging markets. We believe our future growth will be based on thinking and acting differently, on embracing change as our customers and markets change. We live in an era where technology transforms and influences our daily lives more than ever before. Increasingly, consumers rely on digital connectivity, using it to enhance their lifestyles. This, in turn, presents opportunities for us to serve them better.

To that end, we are investing strategically to harness the power of technology in a variety of ways. This applies to everything, from innovation to investments,acquisitions and the systemic tapping of attractive markets. This is why services related to e-Commerce will also continue to be a key theme of our business expansion, supported by strategic investments in technology.

We have actively developed a culture where innovation can thrive. We will continue to invest in our people, technology and infrastructure, as well as implementing innovative solutions to satisfy our customers’ evolving needs – while still delivering maximum value to our stakeholders and maintaining our partnerships with local communities.