Stakeholder Engagement

Aramex’s global presence ensures that we have many stakeholders vested in our sustainability. Through our different channels, we actively engage and interact with our stakeholders, who are defined as entities and individuals whom we interact with, whether directly or indirectly, and are in our sphere of impact, by assessing our operations and their reach.

“Our goal is to better understand and effectively help in managing the impacts of current or future global challenges on stakeholders by finding and developing effective solutions.”


Stakeholder Engagement in determining Materiality
Through our engagement workshops and stakeholder survey, we asked our stakeholder to evaluate which aspects and reporting indicators are most important to them and what they expect us to report on as it relates to our operations. Once we received their feedback, we identified the scope and boundaries of each aspect and indicator and incorporated the results in order to set priorities based on our operations and the significance on our economic, environmental and social impacts. We made sure to choose a representative sample from each stakeholder category to survey. Therefore, we extended the survey to our top clients, current and previous employees, NGO and civil society members and governmental sectors.

We remain active in finding new ways to engage our stakeholders, from weekly customer visits to client workshops and meetings, in order to further align our business practices with their needs and aspirations.

Our employees

Our diverse workforce comprises over 12,943 direct and around 3330 indirect employees across the globe; further enriching the diversity of our workforce and increasing the number of nationalities employed in Aramex to 91 nationalities.

Our customers

We serve over 74,000 customers spanning the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Our business partners

Our business partners include airlines, sea cargo carriers, vehicle leasing companies, subcontractors, suppliers and NGOs.

Our shareholders

As of year-end 2014, Aramex had 22,640 shareholders, with the largest individual shareholder owning less than 10 percent

Our community

The broader society to which Aramex services and connections extend.

Our environment

Our direct and indirect spheres of impact include environmental organizations and partners, as well as stakeholders concerned with our carbon footprint.