Our Customers

We remain true to our commitment to engage fully and partner with our customers. It is an essential part of our ability to continue delivering high-quality services and innovative products. In 2014, we continued our efforts to streamline our customer feedback channels and provide swift services and response to customer concerns.

Aramex policies, regulations and training are designed to encourage our people to act in accordance with customer expectations regarding ethics. These include:

  • Committing to professional and caring customer treatment by everyone in the company.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of customer communications.
  • Supporting and accommodating customer needs.

“We value customer feedback, and believe it is paramount to improving services and processes.”

Our customers are not only key stakeholders, but also the principal beneficiaries of Aramex’s culture of ‘customers come first’. This is the culture that we uphold in our transactions with our customers: we aim to go above and beyond the key ethical expectations of customers. Along with our Customer Service code, this helps us meet and exceed quality of service expectations and aspirations.

Business efficiency and our environment commitments

Enhancing our operations and reducing our environmental impact go hand in hand



To further enhance ease of access to our services, the Aramex Express Box was launched in 2014. This is a touch-screen customer kiosk in third-party retail outlets that makes it easier for cash customers to send or drop off their shipments in locations close to their home and work. It is a secure service, with packaging such as boxes and envelopes, payment through the cashier or using credit cards, instant email and SMS notifications, and long-opening hours. Customers can ship at locations close to their home and work, at times that are convenient to them, and with full technological integration with Aramex including full notifications and instant updates. They can start tracking as soon as they are done with their shipment.

The convenience and strategic geographic placement of the Aramex Express Boxes gave customers the option to send their shipments from closer locations or while running errands; and so the reduced distance traveled to send a shipment had the added benefit of reducing carbon emissions.

Aramex Express Box was launched in the UAE and Jordan, yielding positive feedback from our customers. In 2015, the plan is to expand this service across the GCC and Africa.

Customer retention

We are proactive in our recruitment of new customers, while ensuring the retention of our existing customer base. The below graph outlines our customer retention figures for 2014:

Customer retention figures

Aramex Annual Report 2014 – English