Our People

At Aramex, we know that our growth and success is constantly driven by the knowledge, expertise and contributions of our people. We strongly value the diversity of our employees, and believe that the more diverse we are, the better equipped we are to deliver a great service. Given our light asset model, we see our employees as our most important asset.

This translates to our HR policies, which is why we seek to recruit and retain talented and skilled employees who represent a wide array of diverse ages, nationalities and cultural, academic and professional backgrounds. Moreover, we strive to empower each and every employee at Aramex, by providing a horizontal leadership model, training and career growth opportunities, and an inclusive work environment. Furthermore, our recruitment process is based on meritocracy, qualifications and ongoing assessment, and we regularly conduct inclusive interviews to ensure the right people occupy the right positions.



Our workforce gender breakdown is as follows


Given the nature of our operations which relies heavily on manual labor, ground operations and transportation, we find a higher number of men in our work force, especially as operations members.

The age structure of our employees is as follows


We aim for our compensation and benefits to be competitive in the industry, while also matching or exceeding local standards.

We offer equal remuneration to females and males. The only determinants of remuneration are skills and experience level


Aramex spent USD 271,156,860 in 2014 on employee compensation. This includes salaries and benefits.

We closely abide by local labor laws and social security laws, which govern employees’ retirement benefits. We guarantee health insurance cover for our employees, and where applicable in some countries – Jordan, for example – we provide additional cover for diseases such as cancer. We also abide by each country’s laws and regulations related to disability and individuality coverage. We also support our female employees by guaranteeing them paid maternity leave. We also provide them with other benefits to encourage them to return to work, such as flexibility in working hours, extended unpaid leaves, and nursing hours.

Furthermore, our human resources governance structure is founded on the principles set forth by the United Nation’s International Labor Organization.

It is our strict adherence to these principles that ensured that we had no grievances related to labor practices in 2014.

At Aramex, we are proud to hire fresh graduates and to grow management from within. Our employee years of service breakdown is:

Employee years of service


Our indirect employees, who are identified as employees hired from labor companies, are mainly based in India, and their benefits are provided by their direct employers.


Empowering Our People

Our decentralized and horizontal business model, along with our continual on-the-job training and our management structure, ensure that our employees are empowered to make decisions on the front line to enhance our services and operations.


Engaging Our People

We ensure open and effective communication between all our employees through team meetings, our intranet and instant messaging system. We also ensure that our employees are always connected by viable means of communication; for example our ground couriers are all equipped with mobile phones and handheld scanners that are connected to our shipping management system.


RedLab allows each Aramex employee to work on their areas of interest. It goes above and beyond idea collection to actual incubation, bringing these ideas to life.

Creativity is a core value of Aramex. We actively work on fostering an environment of creative thinking and innovation.

In 2014, the Aramex Innovation center RedLab was launched to support and encourage innovation among our employees.

Training Our People

We see continuous training and development of our employees as an important part of their empowerment, enabling them to lead in their careers. Employees annually receive a comprehensive performance evaluation, as mandated by our HR policy. During the evaluation process, the employee’s performance is assessed, their key strengths and challenges are identified, and, accordingly, an inclusive training plan is set for the coming year.


Sale Excellence program

Throughout 2014 we continued to hold training sessions for our sales employees in Levant and the GCC. A total of 79 sales executives and leaders attended our basic sales training program, that sets the foundation for any sales executive. This program is provided to all new hires and people newly promoted into sales. When it comes to our existing sales force, a more advanced program – I-Sell Smart – is offered. A total of 127 sales executives, leaders and sales managers attended this program. This program enables participants to understand their current sales status, and to carry out business planning to help them meet their targets and ensure cross selling, and also to monitor the business closely in terms of retention and leakage/down trading or lost clients.

Leadership coaching

Coaching to increase leadership effectiveness started during 2014. A total of 12 people completed coaching sessions. Two team-coaching initiatives also started: one in the Dubai Logistics team, and one in the Amman Station Management team.


Our work environment

It is important for us to provide a safe environment for our employees, and to ensure that no human or labor rights violations are taking place on our premises and across our supply chain. Our personnel policies, structures and activities are governed by principles and regulations of the United Nation’s International Labor Organization (ILO) and the UN Convention on Human Rights. We abide by all national and international human rights, labor laws and regulations, including those specified in the UN Global Compact (UNGC).

Recruiting Our People

Our recruitment process is based on meritocracy, qualifications and ongoing assessment, and we regularly conduct inclusive interviews to ensure the right people occupy the right positions.

Whenever we work with recruitment agencies, we ensure that they adhere to International Labor Organization (ILO) guidelines and that their selection criteria are based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all. Our male and female employees are entitled to equal compensation packages, determined solely on their qualifications: this policy is implemented across different managerial and departmental levels throughout the organization.

Nujoum Program

Our Emiratisation Program Nujoum kickstarted in March 2014, with the aim of promoting and enhancing local talent under the recognized expertise of senior managers in our UAE stations.

Its carefully-designed job rotation and practical on-the-job training structure equips employees with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to become future managers of Aramex.

The Health, Safety and Security of Our People

Aramex has to date succeeded in providing set standards and procedures for Safety and Security throughout our network. It is with the help of these standards that we did not face any non-compliances in 2014 from the external audits conducted by our suppliers.

We continued using our Health and Safety induction booklet for visitors to guide them on the specific site emergency evacuation procedures and general site safety requirements they should follow while in the facility. Similarly our Permit-to-Work (PTW) system is in place for any and all kinds of work carried out by subcontractors in a facility, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, along with subcontractor training programs.

Aramex Annual Report 2014 – English