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Because the demand for accurate and customized delivery is continually increasing, modern specifications and the ability to maximize operational efficiency have become important factors for our customers.

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2014 highlights
In 2014 we continued to expand our Express network across the globe, assigning new service partners in Europe and Asia. At the same time, we optimized transit times and routing between different origins and destinations, and strengthened our deferred and ground service offerings in multiple regions.

Work continued on enhancing the technology and navigation tools used by our couriers. We have made huge investments in infrastructure in multiple countries to develop our ground operations, and to cater for growing demand for domestic express.

We also continued expanding in our core markets and opened a new 15,000 sqm state-of-the art facility in Muscat, Oman to serve our customers there. We also upgraded our facilities in South Africa by moving to new logistics warehouses in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. We also continued expansion in Egypt with an additional 10,000 sqm space to accommodate the growing needs of this market. Other smaller expansions took place in Turkey, Singapore, Uganda and Jordan to accommodate the needs of our existing and new customers. Work has also begun for a specialized dangerous goods facility in Dubai, the first of its kind in the Aramex network. This will upgrade the services we offer to the Oil and Gas industry.

InfoFort continued its growth, most notably in Africa with the expansion of operations to include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana. InfoFort also started its franchising and licensing program in three countries (Lebanon, Pakistan and Bangladesh). InfoFort also further promoted InfoCARE, its social platform for enabling information-driven sustainability initiatives. In 2014, InfoFort launched its GreenBox service. This completely free service contributes to a sustainable eco-system, and aims to create awareness on paper wastage and paper recycling, and bring about change in people’s paper consumption habits.

Shop and Ship’s Integrated Partner program expanded further in 2014, with over 25 integrated e-commerce partners now on the platform. This makes it the ideal enabler for merchants wishing to economically and effortlessly expand their international sales reach.

Shop and Ship also continued its global expansion by launching multiple shipping origins, cementing the brand’s position as a ‘global shopping’ enabler. There are now a total of 14 shopping cities. This is in line with positioning the brand as the leading cross-border shopping solution and destination.

With the intense use of telecommunications networks, information has become a key factor of competitive differentiation. The value of information has gone beyond just enabling middle and top management to make better decisions through aggregated data by traditional business intelligence tools, it is now a business driver. Logistics industry generates huge sets of data from goods movement, content, location and interaction with customers. This required introducing Big Data technologies and concepts to analyze and filter the massive sets of the continuously generated data to increase the operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience and eventually creating new revolutionized data driven business models. The fact that B2C business is a key revenue generation channel initiated a need for the consumer touch points modelling on top of Big Data technologies processing the massive data sets to profile and tier consumers and hence providing context-aware services.

Aramex Annual Report 2014 – English