Key Non-Financial Goals

The following table outlines our key non-financial issues and the corresponding goals we have set to achieve on 2015:

EnvironmentCorporate ActivismCustomers
Key Area 2014 Goals Status 2015 Goals
Human Resources Management System Finalize 7 more locations Target achieved Expand to 100% coverage
Employee Satisfaction and Motivation Continue working on action plans Continue working on action plans Running a new engagement Survey to work on bridging the gaps
Code of Conduct training Continue implementing our training for the rest of the employees and focusing on the new hires
Continue implementing our training for the rest of the employees and focusing on the new hires Trained more than 14000 employees Revamp and enhance training and use to train at least 80% of Aramex employees on Aramex compliance program and code of conduct that includes a comprehensive coverage of Anti-bribery and corruption
Training Quality Continue work Revisited most of the corporate training presentations under Human Resources, Learning & Development falling under our Basic Training Program and ensured that  they are kept up to date. Reviewing training material is a regular task performed by the Corporate University (ongoing). Revisit our Training porgrams structure .Give more attention to the technical topics. Accommodate the needs of South Africa & Australia to be more in compliance with their local laws when it comes to requirements in develeopment. Make sure to have new presentations for Freight , Express and Domestic  with Videos and Quizzes.
Continue work During 2013 and 2014, in-house trainers from  the Corporate University visited several stations to deliver soft skills training under the theme of Customer Service (Stations covered include Kuwait , Lebanon , Jordan , Sri Lanka , India , Singapore , Malaysia ,Muscat, Bahrain & Dubai ) .Empowering and training local trainers to deliver these same sessions on their own was among the objectives of the CU stations visit. add one module on the 4 modules ” Handling Angry Customers” . Train the Trainers in selected stations, revise the content of the current 4 modules. Set a plan to train stations on the new module during 2015. Rerun this program after setting a target number of employees in each of the follwing stations: Amman , Egypt, KSA , Muscut, India, Kuwait,Beirut , Bahrain and UAE. Have a quiz to measure ROI in these 5 modules.
Continue Work In order to maintain qualified internal trainers across all stations ( In-house trainers), the Corporate University have set a list of 10 competencies needed by the trainer to better perform in a learning session.A master sheet, which included a dictionary defining these 10 competencies, was created by the Corporate University to guide CU evaluators in measuring the performance of local trainers in sessions at stations.Mater sheet is saved on the CU server and is used during stations visits. Evaluate 90% of the existing lecturers in the network against the 10 competencies set by the GSO CU (either through CU Visits or by attending the session remotely via MS Lync)
Implement Online Education Practices Continue the roll out New approach of e-learning at Aramex  :In order to keep our workforce trained and ready , an important goal of the CU for 2015 is to use more effective training methods through a team who should be able to conduct a broader range of training, including on-the-job & coaching. The CU will invest in a Learning Management System where our training programs will be blended using an online platform in addition to traditional classrooms. This same LMS will be used by the CU as a knowledge assessment platform where results can be a good indicator of how well trainees understand information in different training programs.

Test an online solution to test knowledge of Customer Service frontline employees in the follwing stations : Amman , Beirut , Dubai and Jeddah Customer Service Center.

Leadership Development Program Pilot rolled out in Egypt Launch of Global LDP: More than 316 leader in 19 location have gathered in assessment centres for case study analysis and discussions with a committee of thirteen certified assessors .Selected leaders will be then gathered into teams to participate in a two years progressive leadership project. Assessing employees for key positions:The newly established assessment centres will not only evaluate participants in Global Leadership Development Program but will enable Regional CEOs to make reliable decisions on potential station managers who will be subject to assessments that contribute to an individual’s learning and will help potential managers progress in the career path they want to pursue.

Organize the 316 Leader into teams and launch the LDP phase 2 in the 19 location.

Internal Awareness  Continue to across the network covering all old and new employees Training material revamped, remains part of basic training program Continue inclduing new employees and stations
Expand Green Champions to 10 stations Target achieved continue expanding program to remaining stations and engaging employees with environmental projects and awareness
Materials  Expand to 10 more stations Faced issues in finding verifieable recyclers in certain locations. Continue to expand on recycling projects upon availability
Include Electronic waste management Pilot initiated Expand where available
Performance  Continue reporting and carbon footprint reduction  reduction in consumption of electricity and fuel per shipment Continue on reductions accoridng in working towards our 10 year goal of 20% reduction of electricity and fuel per shipment
Roll out Carbon footprint data management system to all major stations Initiated Expand to warehouses under construction


Finalize certification for all warehouses under construction
New Equipe one location with renewable energy systems
Continue work 6 renewed and 2 new certifications achieved 2 renweals planned, continue with expanding to other stations
Engagement Conduct 1 session two sessions conducted seven sessions planned


Continue to expand Increased coverage to reach 90% expand to 95%
Support 500+ students supported 600+ students Increase to 800
New Supported 9000+ Support 10,000+
New 12,000+ hours of community service reach 20,000+ hours
Entrepreneurship support Reach 200 SME in 2014 Reached 1000+ SMEs Reach 2000 +
Program to support corporates in their sustainability practices Support 50 Corporate across the network Target achieved Expand to reach 75
Aramex technology program for the women and youth empowerment Empower 100 women and youth across the network Taregt achieved Expand to 200 women
Nationalization Design new programs in each country of operation where nationalization is an issue initiatilzed the Njoum program in UAE Working on increasing the percentage of nationals
Customer Satisfaction Surveys  Continue to improve A unified customer satisfaction measure is used across the network and is benchmarked against global satisfaction standards. Continue to improve on customer satisfaction tools, and ensure suitability for different customer groups.
Implement across remaining network 3 New locations have been surveyed in 2014. Targeting 5 new locations in the GCC in 2015, and we will continue to implement action plans and improve in the 3 locations where the surveys have already been conducted in 2014.
Service Excellence Continue to improve Customer service policies and procedures have been revised, and visual process maps have been created to clarify responsibility and KPIs  Continue to improve
Continue to improve  A centralized quality dashboard for the network has been launched in 2014 measuring the quality of service provided through our frontline teams at the contact center. Continue to improve, and revamp the training and auditing procedures.
New goal for 2015: New effective standards for coaching and mentoring of frontline teams at the contact center.
Continue to improve More than 2043 employees have been trained across our network in 2014, honing their basic customer service, communication, telephone handling, and time management skills.  Continue to improve and ensure satisfactory coverage of training for frontline employees. A new training to be developed for retail outlet teams covering advanced customer service skills.
New goal for 2015: Become certified according to the International Standard in Service Excellence (TISSE) in key locations in the GCC.
Customer Engagement Continue to improve