Aramex Active Citizens program

Aramex Active Citizens, launched in Q4 of 2013, is an effort to further engage with our employees and support them in their community service efforts. The program helps provide structure to existing volunteer work by our employees: matching them with opportunities; allowing them flexibility to volunteer during working hours; and expanding on the existing spirit of community service. This program also facilitates group volunteering activities, which have included city clean-ups, tree planting and emergency relief campaigns.


Since we launched the Aramex Active Citizens program, we are seeing more and more of our employees involved in community service projects and programs on a voluntary basis.

Our employees are also eager to share their expertise with others. We have found that a large percentage of our employees volunteer in areas related to their fields, or create programs and initiatives related to their passions. The Aramex Active Citizens program allows us to support them in these projects.

We have a social media page dedicated to the program. On this, employees are able to share their activities, discuss initiative ideas and reflect on their community service experience, alongside our sustainability news and activities.


As of 2015, employee volunteerism will be part of the annual evaluation process, whereby each employee will have to commit to four hours of community service per month. We will support employees in finding opportunities for them to be engaged, guide them with developing their own initiatives, and support them in identifying the appropriate opportunities for their goals and our sustainability strategy.