Youth Education and Empowerment

Our Youth Education and Empowerment Programs are designed to address local community needs. They are shaped by the community itself, and supported by our partnerships with local organizations to ensure they are long-lasting, sustainable and impactful.

They include scholarships and schooling support, mentorship, training and internships, and skills development programs. We also make sure we provide students and children with access to educational tools, from libraries to IT centers, school supplies and books. We work closely with the schools we support to ensure the teachers receive adequate training, and the school infrastructure supports a healthy educational experience.

As for our university students, we work with them ensuring they have access to soft skills and employability skills development, plus internships and mentorship when needed.


When we started to work with communities in Kenya in 2012, we partnered with the Slums Information and Development Resource Center (SIDAREC), a local NGO in Kenya with a mission to improve the lives of those living in informal settlements of Mukuru and Pumwani through three themes: education, sports and economic development.


This partnership had a multi-layer approach, working to address several of the community’s needs to ensure that our impact is sustainable.

In Uganda, we worked with The Nnabagereka Development Foundation (NDF). The Foundation’s vision is to be the leading organization in education, health and community empowerment, targeting children, youth and women. Our work with NDF provided four female university students with scholarships for their education. We have also partnered with Restless Development to provide scholarships to university students in Jinja. As part of these programs, our students must participate in community service activities around their community including working with local schools and NGOs, training and tutoring.


Supporting Innovation
In addition to the Aramex Innovation Center- RedLAb, page 28, we also support innovation through our partnership with the Arab Innovation Network (AIN), which is a platform to empower and connect innovators from the Arab world in the fields of science and technology. Each year, AIN holds an annual conference (AINAC) that brings together top entrepreneurs, academics and industrialists from the life sciences and healthcare, engineering, and environment sectors to participate in a two-day conference and innovation competition. For the second year in a row, Aramex supported Arab students’ participation in the conference through the Aramex AINAC fellowship. In 2014, 32 eligible students from Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Algeria and Egypt participated.

Internships, Mentorships and Skills Training

Together with the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA), we introduced a project empowering the youth of Tanzania through internships. At the end of the program, two out of the five interns were hired full time.
Through our partnership with the Hope Fund, we provided five support and internship placements in Lebanon and Jordan to Palestinian refugee students currently studying in the US. These internships help build up the students’ work experience and maintain the connection between these students and their families, ensuring a higher rate of return to the region. Moreover, we continued our partnership with George Washington University, whereby 20 students from the University volunteer and work with NGOs in the Middle East through the summer. This program provides these NGOs with skills and support from the students, and allows the students to build their on-the-job experience and understanding of the region.