Emergency Relief

We are committed to leverage our operations, network and resources to help communities in cases of emergency. Given our line of business, we are able to mobilize our resources to respond to the call of emergency and disaster relief.


Gaza Campaign

Contributions from Aramex and its employees worldwide reached a total of 100,000 USD. The funds were used to purchase badly-needed essentials such as food and medicine in Gaza. 1200 food boxes and more than 8000 units of medicine such as antibiotics, antiseptics, heart medications and first aid supplies were packed by Aramex employee volunteers and shipped. A single box of food containing assorted canned goods, oil and food staples is enough to feed an entire family of five for one consecutive week. In addition, 2000 school bags were also delivered as part of the aid relief for children in need of educational supplies.

Mosel Campaign

Our offices in Iraq collected and distributed aid and supplies to refugees from Mosul.

Syrian Refugees Support

We provided in-kind shipping and logistics services for aid and supplies to Syrian refugees collected from several countries.