Our roots are entrepreneurial. To us, entrepreneurship is a mindset; a set of skills that are leveraged to address the challenges we face. Even more, entrepreneurship is about creating value and solutions, innovating business models and processes, generating new jobs and new wealth, and expanding markets. We believe that no-one is better equipped than private enterprises to lead a movement aimed at creating enabling entrepreneurial ecosystems and craft multi-sectorial partnerships to that end.

1,283 Startups and SMEs supported

At Aramex, we know the importance of enabling and assisting entrepreneurs to create their own opportunities. This is why we have long-term programs and policies aimed at supporting entrepreneurs, startups and small to medium enterprises.

Moreover, Our procurement policy favors local SMEs and startups.

Our employees actively volunteer to mentor, train and assist entrepreneurs in topics related to business support, logistics, customer service, marketing and sustainability.

1,424 hours of mentorship and training given to startups and SMEs by our employees

Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

We find it extremely important to teach youth the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. It helps them develop skills that are necessary for their education and empowerment, such as creative thinking, management, planning and other important employability skills. We therefore seek to back entrepreneurial projects that support young people. In 2014, we worked with Our Company Initiative in Jordan. This initiative works with several schools around the country, helping young people to start companies and run them for a year. We supported the initiative by providing seed funding to eligible projects and startups. Once the businesses are launched and profitable, they are registered in the students’ names, and the initial seed investment is paid back into a revolving fund which then redistributes funding to new groups of students to start businesses. In 2014, the initiative interacted with 1000 young people from different schools, launching 200 business and generating more than $400,000 in profits.