Sustainability at Aramex

We aim to establish mutually beneficial partnerships, rather than form simple donor or sponsor relationships. We evaluate every potential partnership against our sustainability guidelines to ensure compliance with our sustainability policy. This has enabled us to create effective partnerships with communities, social entrepreneurs, governments, NGOs and corporations.

We adhere to the principles of the UN Global Compact, Caring for Climate, the World Economic Forum’s framework on the decarbonization of the logistics industry, Social Accountability 8000 and the International Labor Organization’s convention.

Moreover, we are committed to spending a minimum of 1% of our pre-tax profit on social projects, excluding our spending on environmental investment and expenditure. In 2014, we once again exceeded this goal and spent 1.5% of pre-tax profit.

Sustainability at a glance


In 2014, our projects had 10,258 community member beneficiaries.

Community empowerment

Community engagement is part of each our sustainability projects, whether through direct engagement – for example, working with communities on youth education and empowerment and entrepreneurial projects, and providing access to training and capacity building – or through our employees’ community service efforts.

We make sure members of the community and civic society are included in planning and executing all our projects and programs, in order to ensure that they reach the largest number of beneficiaries.


Ruwwad is the brainchild of Fadi Ghandour, serial entrepreneur and founder of Aramex International, one of the world’s leading logistics companies. A strong advocate of a more public-spirited and decisive presence for the Arab private sector in the sustainable development of the region, in 2005, Fadi mobilized Aramex and brought together a group of likeminded businessmen with the singular aim of deploying entrepreneurship–talent, resources and skills–in the service of community and to help tackle, however modestly, the inequities that pervade the Arab world.


Youth is at the heart of Ruwwad’s mission; they receive university scholarships in return for spending four hours each week in serving their communities.

Between its inception in 2005 and 2014, there have been:

  • 1450 University Students
  • 604 Graduates
  • 450 University students volunteer four hours a week totaling 84,600 hours of community service annually across Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt
  • 1400 Children Reached

Regional Expansion:

Currently Ruwwad is working in four countries across several communities.


Community Support Campaigns

Ruwwad utilizes community support as a way to mobilize community members to identify critical challenges in their community, take ownership and organize themselves to address them.

Success Records