Key Non-Financial Goals

The following table outlines our key non-financial issues and the corresponding goals we have set to achieve on 2014:

Human Resources Management System Expanding the adoption of our HRMS in the rest of the network Achieved in 20 new locations Finalize 7 more locations
Employee Satisfaction and Motivation Developing action plans in response to employee satisfaction survey results Developed new systems to fulfill the outcome of the employee satisfaction survey Continue working on action plans
Code of Conduct training Providing Human rights and labor rights training programs in major stations Trained more than 8736 employees Continue implementing our training for the rest of the employees and focusing on the new hires
Anti-bribery and corruption training across network Trained more than 8736 employees Continue implementing our training for the rest of the employees and focusing on the new hires
Training Quality Review and update Aramex training material On Going Continue work
Expanding the delivery of soft skills training On Going Continue work
Monitoring and enforcing the alignment of trainers with the Aramex trainer selection criteria On Going Continue Work
Implement Online Education Practices
Run and test an on-line learning management system at Aramex System rolled out and 2009 employee attend 850 hours of online training Continue the roll out
Leadership Development Program Provide high quality effective leadership training to Aramex leaders across the network Pilot rolled out in Egypt Expand reach to more employees
Health and Safety
Training Continue the delivery of job specific health and safety training to all employees On Going Continue work
Achieving OHSAS certification in 2 additional stations Achieved in 3 station and renewed in 2 Continue work
Policies and Procedures Update emergency evacuation plans On Going Continue to improve
Update Health, Safety and Security related policies and manuals. On Going Continue to improve
Performance Reduce accidents per shipment by 10% Target to Reduce by 10%
Un fortunately the number increased 22%
Reduce the number by 10%
Achieve Zero fatalities Unfortunately, we had 1  fatalities during 2013 Target zero fatalities
Reduce Lost time frequency rate Target Reduce  by 10% fortunately we managed to reduce by 42% Reduce by 10%
Reduce Lost time injuries per Million Shipment by 10% Target to Reduce by 10% unfortunately Increased by 33% Reduce by 10%
Safety Upgrade safety and physical security measures in all facilities Complete Continue to improve
Quality Achieving ISO 9001 in 2 additional stations 6 New locations and Renewed 2 Continue work
Develop a supplier evaluation form and piloting implementation with major suppliers Rolled out on all major stations Continue the implementation for all suppliers
Internal Awareness Expanding the delivery of the environment awareness training program to all stations The program became part of the basic training program and is rolled out in all stations
Launched Greenzilla Environmental Competition (On Going) and Green Champions Environmental Awareness program
Continue to across the network covering all old and new employees
Expand Green Champions to 10 stations
Materials Implement a waste management and recycling systems in major stations 6 stations complete Expand to 10 more stations
Include Electronic waste management
Performance Conduct carbon footprint analysis with a third party Complete;
Third report issued
Continue reporting and carbon footprint reduction
Roll out Carbon footprint data management system to all major stations
Facilities Achieving LEED certification in all newly constructed logistics centers in 5 locations Achieved in 2 location Finalize certification for all warehouses under construction
Achieving ISO14001 in 6 stations Certified 6 locations Continue work
Corporate Activism
Engagement Conduct 2 sessions of stakeholder dialogues One Survey conducted Conduct 1 session
Reach Expand corporate activism into emerging markets where we have expanded and particularly in Africa Expanded in all locations
Launched Global Aramex Active Citizens Program
Continue to expand
Support the education of around 300 youth Supported more than 500 Support 500+ students
Customer Satisfaction Surveys Identify and upgrade customer satisfaction measurement tools Complete Continue to improve
Pilot the customer satisfaction measurement tools initiative at one of Aramex locations One survey conducted Implement across remaining network
Service Excellence Drive 50% of total transactions to be done electronically via Aramex e-tools In progress Improve
Upgrade our current customer service policies and procedures On Going Continue to improve
Upgrade our contact center auditing system On Going Continue to improve
Conduct customer service training for all frontline employees On Going Continue to improve
Customer Engagement Upgrade our social media engagement and reporting On Going Continue to improve
Entrepreneurship support Design and implement and SME program NEW Reach 200 SME in 2014  
Program to support corporates in their sustainability practices Design and implement a program to support our customers in their sustainability practices and sustainability reporting NEW Support 50 Corporate across the network  
Aramex technology program for the women and youth empowerment Partner with international and national initiatives to empower women and youth utilizing technology and educations NEW Empower 100 women and youth across the network  
Nationalization Improve our existing programs to support nationalization in our countries of operations NEW Design new programs in each country of operation where nationalization is an issue