AccountAbility1000 (AA1000): is a series of principle-based standards intended to provide the basis for improving the sustainability performance of organizations. The AA1000 Framework was developed to help organizations build their accountability and social responsibility through quality social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting. It addresses the need for organizations to integrate their stakeholder engagement process into their daily activities.

Carbon Dioxide: is a chemical compound often referred to as CO2, and is present in the Earth’s atmosphere.

G3 Reporting Guidelines: is a framework for reporting on an organization’s economic, environmental, and social performance.

Global Distribution Alliance (GDA): is a partnership of more than 40 leading logistics and transportation companies. With operations throughout the world, the GDA is strategically positioned to provide swift and reliable global transportation solutions. Each member of the alliance provides extensive coverage and expertise in each region of the world.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): is a long-term, multi-stakeholder, international process whose mission is to develop and disseminate globally applicable Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

Global Support Office (GSO): is the company’s headquarters in Amman, Jordan.

ISO14000: is a set of international environmental management standards that brings world- wide focus to the environment, encouraging a cleaner, safer, healthier world for us all. As part of the ISO standards, ISO14000 exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment (cause adverse changes to air, water, or land), and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentallyoriented requirements.

ISO9001:2000: is a set of standards for quality management systems intended for use in any organization which designs, develops, manufactures, installs and/or services any product or provides any form of service. It provides a number of requirements which an organization needs to fulfill if it is to achieve customer satisfaction, through consistent products and services which meet customer expectations.

London Benchmarking Group (LBG): is a group of over 100 companies working together to measure Corporate Community Investment (CCI). The LBG model provides a comprehensive and consistent set of measures for CCI professionals to determine their company’s contribution to the community, and to also capture the outputs and longer term impacts of CCI projects on society and the business itself.

OHSAS 18001: is an international occupational health and safety management system that provides specifications to help organizations control occupational health and safety risks.

Social Accountability 8000 (SA8000): is promoted as a voluntary, universal standard for companies interested in auditing and certifying labor practices in their facilities and those of their suppliers and vendors.

Sustainability: is an attempt to provide the best outcomes for the human and the natural environment, both now and into an indefinite future.