Community Developement

Our continuous commitment, partnership and collaboration with local communities have been key factors in how we evaluate our active citizenship. Across the network, we are always actively seeking new sustainability partnerships that address certain challenges or needs within local communities. We always establish partnerships that would have a significant positive impact, and that are designed to empower, educate and inspire.

Currently, we have sustainability initiatives and projects in 70% of Aramex locations


The Slums Information Development and Resource Center (SIDAREC)

In 2012, we joined forces with The Slums Information Development and Resource Center (SIDAREC), a local NGO in Kenya with a mission to improve the lives of those living in informal settlements of Mukuru and Pumwani through three themes: education, sports and economic development.

Under the theme of education, we have supported 34 students to attend school: 25 students (ages 3-6) enrolled in pre-primary education, seven students in primary education and two students in secondary education. Moreover, we granted university scholarships to two students.

Under the theme of economic development, 40 youths engaged in small business in Mukuru attended business management and life skills workshops in 2013. One of the youths was referred to Aramex for employment. Furthermore, Aramex provided support for 10 women to help establish a small fund to support their businesses.

We have also supplemented the center’s library in Mukuru with over 2,500 copies of textbooks, mostly covering primary and secondary academic courses. Furthermore, Aramex provided furniture which enabled SIDAREC’s Early Childhood Development Center to accommodate 20% more children.

The East African Mission Orphanage (EAMO) (Partnership)

The East African Mission Orphanage (EAMO), located near the city of Nakuru in Kenya, is home to 250 children ranging in age from two years to 21 years old. In 2013, an Australian volunteer organized a Guinness World Record of the largest number of people balancing a book on their head. The books were then donated to EAMO. Aramex supported the initiative by ensuring the delivery of the 1,000 books from Australia to Kenya.


The Nnabagereka Development Foundation (NDF) (Partnership)

The Nnabagereka Development Foundation’s vision is to be the leading organization in education, health and community empowerment, targeting children, youth and women. Its mandate is to restore the vitality of Uganda through the involvement of community and household human resources, for social and economic development.

Through our partnership with NDF, we are also supporting the Masooli School, through providing some infrastructural maintenance and renovation while enriching the school’s library. The school has 400 students (ages 6 – 13) and all come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds.


Bless a Child Foundation

Bless a Child Foundation is a non-governmental organization that provides care support services to children from the ages of 0-12 years suffering from cancer and related infections. Aramex Uganda donated food, snacks, drinks, toys, books, and stationery, while the employees donated cash to go towards buying medicine and other household maintenance expenses.


The Arab International Women’s Forum (AIWF)

In 2013, we established a partnership with the Arab International Women’s Forum (AIWF). Established in early 2001 as an independent not-for-profit development organization, AIWF is a unique network linking Arab women with their international counterparts and serves as the voice for Arab women. It showcases their development, ability and competence in business, professional and public life, promotes cross-cultural diversity and creates greater global awareness of women’s success and prospects in the Arab world.

Fulfilling its mission of Building Bridges, Building Business, the Arab International Women’s Forum has been an agent of change for women in the Arab region encouraging their potential to take greater leadership roles and reach higher levels of responsibility in all sectors of business, public life and in civil society. At the same time it contributes to the progress and prosperity of their families and communities.

The Healing Hearts Journey
Richard is a 56 year-old British expat father of three who has been living and working in the UAE for the past 26 years. Richard decided to go on a solo journey on his motorcycle ‘Desert Rose’ across 30 countries in 90 days in a bid to create awareness and fundraising for the Palestinian Children Relief Fund. The funds raised, around $150,000, were all donated to build a new Pediatric Cardiac Unit in the European Hospital in Gaza, Palestine.Aramex supported Richard’s journey by providing free of charge shipping for his motorcycle in certain destinations.

We continue to support Ruwwad’s activities in Palestine, for more information, refer to the Ruwwad section.


UNRWA (Partnership)

In 2011, we partnered with UNRWA to establish the NBC Public Library and Computer Center in an area adjacent to Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp. Today, the library includes a total of 1,930 books. The computer center includes nine computers along with free training and support which is open to the public. There are around 1,060 repeat visitors who are mainly reading, conducting research and printing at the Aramex library and training center. Girls and boys aged between eight and 14 made up 80% of the total number of the visitors. The visitors’ activity seems to be divided across three categories: research (48%), reading (43%) and printing (9%).


Nasma Learning and Resource Center in Beirut is dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities to socio-economically marginalized children, mainly students who come from public schools or free private schools. Through our partnership, established in 2009, Aramex employees volunteer within the Center and gives sessions in English, Computer Skills and First Aid to children aged eight to 14. On average there are 60 repeat children who attend Nasma’s programs on a weekly basis. The aim is to improve the children’s self-esteem, self-efficacy and their academic, creative and social skills. This purpose is served by developing and implementing a series of ongoing workshops and activities directed by qualified and committed educators supported by numerous volunteers, in a safe and rich educating environment.

We continue to support Ruwwad’s activities in Lebanon, for more information, refer to the Ruwwad section.

United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network

Aramex is an active member of the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network. The Network serves as the focal point for the business community to share and exchange best practices in implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The network offers companies the opportunity to network, learn, share experiences and constitute CSR leadership.

As part of our membership, this year Aramex took on a mentorship role in the ‘Sustainability Reporting Task Group’, which aims at empowering the private sector to implement sustainability reporting. Aramex was paired with two companies and worked with them to publish their first reports.


‘Absher’ is an initiative launched in 2013 by the President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, with the objective to provide all means of stability and welfare to UAE citizens by enhancing their participation in the labor market. Aramex supported the initiative by offering some free and discounted delivery of necessary documents for the initiative.

Dubai Autism Center (DAC) (Partnership)

The Dubai Autism Centre has a mission to successfully integrate children with autism into the community through a holistic approach to intervention and therapy, along with focused efforts to create social awareness about autism. As part of our support for the mission of DAC, we have provided logistical support by facilitating their shipping needs.


UN Gender Equality Seal

In 2013, our station in Amman proudly received the UN woman gender equity seal, making Aramex one of the few companies in Jordan to hold this certificate.



Our partnership with Raneen, which began in 2011, continues this year. Ms. Rawan Barakat founded Raneen for Audio books with an aim to create audio books and libraries for children, while also providing training workshops to engage with children using these books. During 2013, 10 workshops were conducted with 542 students across three large cities in Jordan.

Jordanian Blood Bank- Blood Drive

Our station in Amman held a blood bank which resulted in the collection and donation of 60 units of blood to the Jordanian Blood Bank.

We continue to support Ruwwad’s activities in Jordan, for more information, refer to the Ruwwad section.

South Africa

The Amazing Drive (Employees Initiative)

In the spirit of Madiba Day, Aramex employees across all of our offices in South Africa decided to launch a staff initiative whereby staff members donated maize meal bags that can provide nourishment to a family of four for a week. Each station identified an NGO in their community to support, collecting 1,636kg of maize benefiting 670 people.


We continue to support Ruwwad’s activities in Egypt, for more information, refer to the Ruwwad section.

Global (Egypt, UAE, Kenya & Uganda)

InfoFort an Aramex sister company, is the leading records and information management solution provider in the Middle East and Africa. As part of its sustainability commitment, InfoFort has developed InfoCARE, a platform for empowering information-driven sustainability initiatives, designed to innovate in saving the environment, supporting mission-critical organization to ultimately save lives, and empower youth living in marginalized communities. The platform includes three fronts: InfoGREEN, InfoSAVE and InfoCARE.

InfoGREEN includes initiatives and solutions that aim to raise awareness and have an environmental impact through digitization, recycling, reducing paper consumption, and taking serious efforts to decrease InfoFort’s carbon footprint.

InfoSAVE aims to enable mission-critical organizations such as humanitarian, blood banks, Red Cross, environmental groups, charities, and other NGOs to be more productive, efficient and responsive, by supporting them through information management services. InfoSave is currently working with Action against Hunger in Uganda and Kenya. The NGO has 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity. It runs life-saving programs in approximately 40 countries, benefiting five million people each year. InfoFort has helped the NGO through information management solutions which enabled them to better manage and store their records, saving valuable office space and focusing more on their humanitarian cause and core competencies.

InfoGROW aims to train and enable people living in marginalized communities with information-based skills that can help them develop, grow and enter the work force and become self-sufficient. InfoGROW partnered with two initiatives this year: Ability and Alashanek Ya Balady. Ability focuses on empowering people with special needs to integrate them within the society, enabling them to find employment and become self-sufficient. During 2013 InfoFort hired 15 deaf and mute people to join their data entry team in Egypt.

Through the education and awareness program, Alashanek ya Balady – Association for Sustainable Development (AYB-SD) is based in Egypt and works on the skills development and education enhancement of marginalized adolescents. This program equips them with the skills necessary to access the labor market in the long run. InfoFort has assisted AYB-SD by equipping a governmental primary school with a computer lab in order to conduct computer skills sessions and eliminate computer and Internet literacy.