Youth Education and Empowerment

Aramex plays an active role in partnering with youth to empower them through education, mentorship, internships and a variety of other programs. We seek to identify organizations that have an established track record in designing youth engagement and empowerment programs, with measurable impact. Furthermore, we encourage youths to come up with their own initiatives, and we work with them to identify areas of common collaboration.


Youth Mentorship (Employees Initiative)
Luai Agha, Bahrain Station Manager and Yazan Darwish, Senior Supply Chain Manager, mentored 25 students majoring in International Logistics Management from Bahrain Polytechnic University. The students got the chance to learn about the industry and gain insights through attending a knowledge sharing session and taking a tour of the station and operations.


The Hope Fund (Partnership)
The Hope Fund secures and coordinates scholarships from US colleges for talented and driven Palestinian youth, predominantly from refugee camps in the Arab world for which a higher education would otherwise be unattainable.

Aramex and the Hope Fund partnered to provide youth scholars with internship opportunities in areas related to their field of study. One of the students, Mohammed Al-Baz, is studying Business Administration and spent his internship working at our warehouse in Dubai.

Intel Foundation’s Science Competition-Arab World
Intel science competition – the Arab World (ISC-Arab) is the first scientific competition of its kind for students in the early stages of the third grade until the end of the preparatory and secondary education, meaning, at the level of the whole Arab nation, in any age group of 14-18 years. The competition was held in Amman, Jordan in 2013. Along with providing logistical support, Aramex sponsored the travel, accommodation and participation of 10 Palestinian students (boys and girls) along with three of their teachers.

Student to Student
We continue to support the Student-to-Student Initiative by empowering students with university-level education in Palestine. The scheme provides support that is conditional upon each student agreeing to homeschool five students in return for their scholarships. In 2013 we supported an additional five students raising the total to 30 students. By supporting 30 individuals, the initiative ultimately secures the education of 150 students.

Regional (Middle East and North Africa)

Our regional partnership with Injaz is ongoing. A group of our employees have participated in different Injaz courses and workshops aimed to empower youth. One of the Injaz programs in Cairo introduced a leadership development method to endow students with financial thinking and planning skills. Another program in the UAE, the Innovation Camp, paired Aramex mentors with 30 female university students who then work together to come up with innovative business ideas.


Restless Development (Partnership)
Our partnership with Restless Development has been ongoing since 2011. Restless Development is a foundation that enables young people to take leadership in addressing the most urgent issues facing their countries and the world. Through this partnership, Aramex Uganda set up the Youth Internship program. Andrew Bazzade was our 2013 intern and received professional mentorship. We then hired him to join our Operations Team. We are also providing four students with scholarships in vocational education.

The Nnabagereka Development Foundation (NDF) (Partnership)
Aramex partnered with NDF in 2012 and granted university scholarships to four exceptional female students, who come from marginalized communities. The students, in return, volunteer four hours in their communities. They are now in their sophomore year and, upon graduation, will be offered professional internships at Aramex.


American University of Beirut – Schoolchildren Internships (Partnership)
Aramex has collaborated with the American University of Beirut (AUB) to offer an internship program for school children. During July, six children arrived at our premises in Beirut to actively engage in learning about Aramex’s operations. The children gained hands-on experience by working for two weeks across four different Aramex teams: Customer Service, Outbound Operations, Domestic Operations and Human Resources. Aramex believes that such experiences at an early age empowers children to discover new passions, skills and introduces them to possible career options. What’s more, the internship program is designed to build upon the information children learn at school in different subjects, which empowers them to link theory to practice.

Aramex provided support for AMIDEAST, which has a long and distinguished record in international education, training and development assistance in the Middle East and North Africa. With 23 offices in 13 countries and over 650 dedicated professional staff, AMIDEAST provides programs and services to improve educational opportunity and quality, strengthen local institutions, and develop language and professional skills for success in the global economy.


IAESTE Jordan and Jordan University
The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organization. It provides students in technical degrees (primarily science, engineering and the applied arts) with paid, course-related, training abroad, and employers with highly skilled, highly motivated trainees, for long or short term projects. In collaboration with the Jordan University, our station in Amman provided an internship for an IAESTE exchange student visiting Jordan from Poland for the duration of the summer.


Aramex and AIESEC Oman joined hands in 2013 to provide support for local Omani and international youth through conferences, training programs, workshops and international exchanges.
AIESEC in Oman was established in 2007 with a mission to develop Omani youth to become the future leaders that the Sultanate needs. Since establishment, it has delivered membership experiences to over 400 Omani youths and realized more than 150 international youth exchanges.


Through our partnership with AIESEC, Aramex Tehran provided Gustavo Tedesco, a fresh graduate from business school, a two-month internship at Aramex working with the Customer Relationship Management Team (CRM).

The United Kingdom

Youth Mentorship & Internships
Our team in the UK piloted an initiative to provide mentoring to youth in marginalized urban communities in association with local school authorities. The mentoring involves coaching sessions on challenges the students would face upon joining the work place. The program has managed to support four youths in finding employment, and placing four more students in colleges.

Furthermore, an internship program has been set up to receive interested and qualified youths (ages 16-21) to intern across several departments in Aramex. The interns also receive professional training from our partners, such as Mantra Learning, which provides specialized training in logistics and freight. People Concepts is another partner organization and has delivered training sessions on customer awareness, time management and telephone handling skills.

Our Managing Director in the UK, Jim Armour, meets with the interns on a monthly basis to conduct intensive training discussing customer service, profit making, analyzing competition, understanding personal skills and other related topics.

With Jim’s encouragement, and our Regional HR Manager, Emma Mountford’s support, the interns have started their own business and called it ‘Apprentices R Us’. From a start-up of USD 300, the interns have budgeted and forecasted to grow the business to generate USD 6,000 in profit within six months.

Quote from Jamie Dickinson, an apprentice: The Apprentice Scheme at Aramex is a fantastic opportunity for any young person. Now that I have developed in my role I feel honored to have been given the responsibility to give back to the scheme, by mentoring some of the new apprentices


Golden Touch Students Welfare Association of Varella (GTSWAV) (Employees initiative)

Nurul Islam has been working as a Facilities Supervisor in our Dakha station since 2010. He comes from Varella, a village in Comilla city in Bangladesh. In 2006, Nurul and a group of his friends co-founded the Golden Touch Students Welfare Association of Varella (GTSWAV). The association is a non-political volunteer-based social welfare organization with specific goals. It aims to increase literacy rates in the village and encourage students to continue their education in spite of the challenging economic circumstances. The association also aims to encourage entrepreneurship among students, and come up with environmental projects in the village.

Since inception, the association has grown to include 150 volunteering members. They were able to support the students in the village by providing necessary books and stationery, covering some transportation costs and even providing a university scholarship. The association’s future plans include establishing a library, a blood bank, empowering students through soft skills such as debate and entrepreneurship, and providing basic health care for the residents.