Sports are a pillar of our sustainability. They encourage and represent teamwork and determination, provide a healthy outlet for youths, and promote a healthy lifestyle for communities. Therefore, at Aramex, we continuously seek programs, partnerships and initiative that focus on empowerment through sports.


Abu Dhabi Corporate Games
As part of our sports Sustainability Pillar, and our commitment to encourage our staff to be active and healthy, Aramex supported the Abu Dhabi Corporate games. Our team in Abu Dhabi participated in two tournaments in soccer and tennis.

Emirates Triathlon Club
Aramex has extended support to the Emirates Triathlon Club, which was founded in 2012 to encourage sports among Emirates Group employees and their families. The club has grown to include 60 members who have competed in different triathlons across 15 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central America.


Hong Kong

World Children’s Fund
Aramex supports the World Children’s Fund, a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to helping children worldwide who are suffering the effects of poverty, disease, natural disaster, famine, abuse, civil strife and war. Since 2010, Aramex has partnered with a professional physical education trainer to train a group of children on running marathons. As a result, the trained children are always participating in competitions and running marathons. Sports not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but also help children relief stress and enhances their self-esteem and confidence.


Ballyboughal Gaelic Football Club (BGFC)
Founded in 1935, the Ballyboughal Gaelic Football Club (BGFC) falls under the umbrella of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). GAA is spread across several towns and villages in Ireland. We are proud of our partnership with BGFC which provides programs for both genders and all ages. Our partnership aims to encourage youths to become involved in sports at a young age.


Jiu Jitsu
We continue to support Rana Qubbaj, a Jordanian Jiu Jitsu athlete and champion. This year, Rana participated in the Emirates Super Cup and won the gold medal.

Al-Riyadi Basket Team
Aramex continues to support the Al-Riyadi basketball club, which plays both in Jordan and at the regional level. As well as direct financial support, Aramex provides administrative assistance to the club through its management team.

Marathon Runners
Aramex continues to support Jordanian marathon runners Salameh Al-Aqra and Mohammed Al-Sweiti. In 2013, both runners participated in more than three marathons globally, from the North Face Marathon in Thailand, to marathons in Austria, Oman and Jordan. Both runners placed among the top 10 in Marathon De Sables in Morocco, known as one of the toughest footraces on earth. Salameh was placed second, and Mohammed placed seventh.

As a way to pay back to the communities, our marathon runners Salameh and Mohammad are training 15 youngsters from Ruwwad from both genders. They travel each year to check on the level of the runners and their progress, and set schedules with their local trainer.

Dead to Red Marathon
In 2013 we supported three teams’ participation in the marathon. The teams were from marginalized areas in Jordan and one of them was a youngsters’ team aged 12-15 years.

South Africa

Trampoline Gymnastics
Aramex supported trampoline gymnast, Xolani Xumalo, in South Africa to compete as a senior trampoline gymnast in the World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, in November 2013.